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Remember all you’ve ever been told about cosmetics… Now, forget everything!

At Meinhardt Kosmetik we are revolutionizing the industry with a totally new concept: we redefine the rulebooks of personalized cosmetics with products handcrafted exclusively for you.

Exclusive pampering for unique skins.

Using a combination of cutting-edge technology with natural elements, we evaluate your case and create a formula that is unique to your skin. Our creams stand out from the crowded competition, and are produced with only one name in mind. Go for it! Let that name be yours!


Professional skin analysis

We begin by performing an evaluation of your skin’s conditions through one of the most effective digital tests in existence— the multifunction skin analyser Multidermascope MDS 1000, —which tells us the exact levels of hydration, elasticity, oil (sebum) and pigmentation of your dermal tissue. Once we have the results of this analysis, we will guide you in the choice of the active ingredients that best fit your needs, thus creating a cream that works exclusively for you. At Meinhardt Kosmetik we have all kinds of actives with numerous properties to keep your skin looking young, always!

In constant evolution

At Meinhardt KosmetiK we know that climate variables or day-to-day situations can influence the behaviour of your constantly changing skin. That’s why we also offer the option of saving your history in our files, so we can follow-up with you, evaluate your progress, and update your treatment as needed. At Meinhardt Kosmetik we guarantee you’ll have continuous and meticulous analysis. Just give us a call!

Dare to be beautiful. Discover our advantages.