Facial Creams

Meinhardt Kosmetik Has developed a line of products that, when combined, will give you the perfect formulas you’ve always wanted for your skin care.

Effective Solutions

We set ourselves apart from generalized cosmetics. We handcraft our facial creams solely on the basis on your needs, using only the highest quality ingredients. Thanks to our large stock of actives, we have over 10,000 different combinations to target your weaker facial points with utmost precision.

High content of active ingredients

Active ingredients are the energy that drives our creams, and the reason why each one of our products performs its specific function at maximum levels. Each active ingredient has unique properties that, when applied, help hydrate the skin, regenerate, and increase elasticity. Among all the actives we stock, you’ll find everything from the most common: collagen or elastin, to the more sophisticated venom or caviar extract, and of course, the superstar of our actives: apple stem cells, which have a high regenerative, gleaming and anti-aging powers, and offers immediate results.

Introducing our Facial Creams Collection

Multiple Functions in One Single Product

Starting today, you will not need twenty different products to make your skin look perfect. We will take over, and make one single cream for you, blending all the active YOU need to give your skin the results it really wants: from anti-aging to lifting and firming action; effective clearing of spots caused by aging or UV exposure, and/or brightening effect.  Plus, you can choose whatever colour and fragrance you like! At Meinhardt Kosmetik we take care of every last little detail to offer you the perfect combination.

100% natural

We work with products that are completely natural, absolutely paraben-free, and with a high degree of purity to guarantee effective results. We comply with all quality regulations, and for further guarantee we offer you the possibility to watch in real time how we handcraft your cream.