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At Meinhardt Kosmetik You are treated with State-of-the Art Technology




Customized Cosmetics

At Meinhardt Kosmetik we are revolutionizing the industry with a totally new concept: creams prepared 100% for your individual skin.

Dare to be beautiful. Discover their advantages.

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Our mission: to give our clients the highest level of effectiveness with utmost precision.

At Meinhardt Kosmetik, we developed working methods and procedures to formulate a treatment as unique as your skin, taking into account not only your skin’s individual features but also your environment, and the moment that you live in.

For this, we use of the most advanced system available in the field of dermocosmetics: the Multidermascope MDS 1000. a multifunction skin analyzer that examines more than seven key conditions of the skin: hydration, oil (sebum), elasticity and pigmentation.

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Natural Products

At Meinhardt Kosmetik, we have at your disposal all types of actives, from the most common, like hyaluronic acid, collagen or elastin to the most sophisticated, like caviar extract or apple stem-cells.

There are more than 50 different actives!

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